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About A.J. the DJ
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Your Special Event Deserves Professional Sound.

That's why A.J. the DJ goes the extra mile to ensure quality and reliability in our sound and lighting equipment.

There are very few entertainment providers who:

  • Preassemble audio components in custom-designed rolling racks to ensure perfect connections, balanced impedance and consistent sound.
  • Keep an experienced show host on active stand-by during each scheduled performance.

You Benefit from Our Extra Efforts.

  • You and your guests enjoy an uncommonly clean sound that fills rooms without breaking glass or shattering nerves.
  • Your guests aren't forced to dodge wire jungles or stand-by while somebody searches for the source of the problem.
  • Your show host can focus on the most important part of the program: Guest enjoyment.

Details Matter.

  • The equipment is just one detail in the production of a special-event music program, but it's a detail you don't need to worry about.
  • That's why more and more event planners trust A.J. the DJ every year.
  • That's why A.J. the DJ is regarded as a respected music show entertainment team.
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